• Mechanical and pneumatic mechanical core shafts for high speed converting and printing applications
Pneumatic/Mechanical & Mechanical Core Shafts

True concentric expansion for high–speed and/or heavyweight winding applications. Mechanical fail-safe operation and positive lug retraction.

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Pneumatic/Mechanical Lug Shaft Components

True concentric expansion for high–speed and/or heavyweight winding applications. Mechanical fail-safe operation and positive lug retraction.


Components of the Double E Company PM-1000 pneumatic/mechanical core shaft


Components of the Double E Company MS-1000 mechanically expanding core shaft

  1. Custom journals.
  2. Corrosion-proof air valve can be located on side or at end of pneumatic mechanical shaft.
  3. Center rod.
  4. Tempered steel housing.
  5. Hardened steel lugs provide reliable grip force on all core types.
  6. Cams.
  7. Individual cam springs force independent lug rise; shaft grips consistently even when core diameter varies.
  8. Pistons.
  9. Proprietary fasteners with hardened steel expanding bushings provide strong connection without requiring a press fit
  10. Jacking screw at shaft end serves as mechanical override (pneumatic mechanical shaft).
PM-1000 Pneumatic/Mechanical Lug Shafts

Double E PM–1000 pneumatic mechanical shaftThe PM–1000 pneumatic mechanical shaft utilizes a unique “air-down” gripping system which combines the benefits of concentric expansion with the convenience of air retraction.


Lugs grip the core automatically when the shaft is vented; lugs collapse when air is added.

MS-1000 Fully Mechanical Lug Shafts

Double E MS–1000 mechanical core shaftThe MS–1000 mechanical shaft provides the best gripping force of any core shaft available today. It is designed with greater structural strength and a powerful expansion mechanism to handle the heaviest roll weights at high speeds.


No compressed air is needed to operate this mechanical shaft, yet expansion and retraction is easily accomplished with just five (or fewer) turns of the activating screw

Features and Benefits

PM (pneumatic/mechanical shafts) and MS (mechanical shafts) share many important and distinct characteristics which become especially beneficial when web speeds are fast and roll weights are heavy.

True Concentric Expansion

Mechanical activation locks gripping lugs in the expanded state, actually lifting and centering the roll. This true concentric expansion minimizes roll bounce and vibration – even in high-speed and/or heavyweight applications.

Fail–safe operation
With lugs mechanically locked, the shaft cannot stop gripping during production.

Independent lug action
Each lug set is activated by separate cam springs, allowing the core shaft to grip uniformly even when core variations are present, or when cores aren’t covering all lug sets.

Proprietary journal connection
Proven “scrivet fastening system” ensures durability at journal connections without requiring a press fit.

Positive lug retraction
The mechanical system ensures lugs retract fully so shaft never sticks in cores.

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