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Auto-Lock™ Safety Chuck Guarantees Roll Security

Apr 28, 2016

Auto-Lock™ self closing safety chuck from Double E Company

WEST BRIDGEWATER, MA – Double E has introduced its new Auto-Lock™ Safety Chuck. The patent-pending design of this safety chuck uses preloaded spring tension to lock the chuck in the closed position, guaranteeing roll security throughout the winding process. The chuck features Fail-Safe Closing™ functionality with redundant safety features, meaning that operators don’t ever have to remember to close the chuck. The chuck, which is available in foot and flange mount configurations, also uses a sliding design to eliminate pinch points.

The Auto-Lock™ chuck is an ideal upgrade for any traditional safety chuck, including obsolete SuperChuck models. It is an exact drop-in replacement which is easy to install without machine modifications. There is also no need to modify shaft length or shaft center line height. Bulky adapter plates are also unnecessary. Once installed, Double E’s maintenance-free sliding action is safer, more reliable, and more durable than tilting faceplates. Exclusive replaceable inserts are available with square or square-turned-45-degree shaped jaws.


About the Double E Company:
The Double E Company engineers and manufactures a complete line of advanced web handling accessories including core chucks, core shafts, rollers, core cutters, and roll stands. The company services customers ranging from corrugated board producers and paper mills to high-speed printers and flexible packaging plants. The company has manufacturing and engineering in the US and Italy. Direct sales offices are located in England, France, Germany, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Colombia, along with a complementary worldwide network of sales agents. Double E is focused on providing exceptional service and unparalleled product quality. It is an Incline Equity Partners portfolio company.