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Digital Slitter Positioning Made Easy - Introducing “Lynx”

Apr 14, 2015

No more tape measures

Double E is pleased to announce the availability of its new digital slitter positioning system. The "Lynx" system facilitates the placement of knife holder groups. Instead of using a tape measure to place slitters manually, the operator simply slides the knife holders along the rail, referring to the digital display for accurate placement. A simple (singe button) engagement of bladder system locks all holders in place once they are set in the correct position.

This advanced functionality mimics that of expensive and problematic automatic positioning systems, giving converters the ability to achieve pinpoint accuracy and fast setup times at a fraction of the price of a complete slitting system.

The Lynx is only available from the Double E Company. Double E applies the system in conjunction with Mario Cotta knife holders to maximize the potential of the system.

Unique system even available in shear cutting applications

In shear applications, the knife holder’s half-stroke feature brings the blade to a neutral position, allowing bottom anvils to be placed relative to the top holders. Once set, operators lock anvils in place with set screw or air delivery to knife shaft (optional). Turning the holder’s knob to the running position automatically applies the proper amount of blade side force for production slitting.

Important features of the Lynx system

Better value than expensive and problematic fully automatic systems.

Works in imperial or metric units with accuracy to within +/-0.008” (0.2mm). 

Measurement system is not susceptible to dust and does not need to be calibrated after power loss.

Low upgrade cost when compared to overall cost of slitting system.

Small foot print allows for easy installation.

About the Double E Company:
The Double E Company engineers and manufactures a complete line of advanced web handling accessories including core chucks, core shafts, rollers, core cutters, and roll stands. The company services customers ranging from corrugated board producers and paper mills to high-speed printers and flexible packaging plants. The company has manufacturing and engineering in the US and Italy. Direct sales offices are located in England, France, Germany, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Colombia, along with a complementary worldwide network of sales agents. Double E is focused on providing exceptional service and unparalleled product quality. It is an Incline Equity Partners portfolio company.