Expanding air shaft from Double E International, model DG-2000

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For outstanding core gripping in all converting applications


Double E air shafts (air bars) are available in steel, aluminum, or lightweight carbon fiber.


All body types feature Double E's proprietary, longlasting internal bladder and tight-tolerance journal connection for easy maintenance.

DG-2000 Expanding Air Shaft Components
Double E air shafts - components
  1. Double E expanding air shafts use the company's exclusive diamond pattern gripping lugs for gripping the core. The lugs' large surface area ensures extra core contact for even better performance.
  2. The shaft's housing is made from steel or aircraft-grade aluminum (DG-2000), or from various grades of carbon fiber (DLB-2000), depending on application requirements.
  3. Special corded bladder material resists puncture and abrasion. As a result, the air shaft needs little, if any, maintenance and the shaft lasts longer.
  4. The air shaft's journals are connected using high-strength flathead fasteners, a close tolerance fit, and deep insertion. Maintenance is rare, but when necessary it is quick and easy because a press-fit is not used.
  5. The shaft's stainless steel air valve will never rust.
  6. Air shaft journals are custom-manufactured to fit your machine.
DG-2000 Metal Air Shafts

Competing air shaft bladders are made with a common form of neoprene rubber which requires frequent replacement due to stretching and abrasion.


Double E air shaft lugs are available with a “diamond-grip” surface in steel, aluminum, or hard rubber, and have been field-proven to provide the maximum gripping performance possible.


Easy-maintenance journal connection - secured with flathead screws, a close tolerance fit, and deep insertion. Competing air shafts (roll shafts) often use a tapered press fit, which requires a hydraulic press and heat to remove the journals. Bladder replacement on these shafts can take hours while the bladder of a Dyna–Grip air shaft can be changed in just a few minutes.

DLB-2000 Carbon Fiber Air Shafts

Replace heavy steel core shafts without sacrificing strength or stiffness. Carbon fiber core shafts are typically half the weight of their steel counterparts.


For more specific information about Double E carbon fiber air shafts, please click here..

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