Celebrating 50 Years -
An Overview of the Double E Group

The Double E Group is made up of Double E, EpochAppleton Mfg., Convertech, Schlumpf, and CartMover. We manufacture custom engineered components for the international converting industry.




Companies in the converting, printing, corrugating, woven and non-woven markets  that look to increase throughput, improve operator safety, enhance quality, minimize downtime  and reduce maintenance costs, rely on application engineering and manufacturing expertise  of the Double E team; converting experts for safe efficient customized solutions.


The Double E Group is a differentiated provider of market leading, highly engineered solutions for  mission critical web converting, material handling and other growing applications.With a focus on engineering and innovation, The Double E Group produces highly customized,  application specific solutions, including shafts, roll and shaft handlers, core chucks, core cutters,  safety chucks, roll and cart movers, specialized rollers and core plugs.  Customers rely on Double E to support their production at the highest level. While our products may be a small piece of the total production system, they fill a critical role in the efficient, dependable and consistent operation of the production line.  


Double E was founded in 1972 with the motto "Engineering Excellence". This year, we're proudly celebrating 50 years of innovation and Engineering Excellence creating products that have revolutionized converting and packaging standards around the world. One of our top priorities is maintaining customer focus by selling directly to the end user with our highly technical sales force. These aren't reps or agents or distributors, so when a Double E Sales Team Member visits a facility anywhere around the world, the customer knows they are talking with a subject matter expert who is there to help guide them to the best solution for their facility and its unique needs.  This has made us one of the most trusted sources of high performance web handling componentry and equipment. 


We pride ourselves on building lasting sticky customer relationships  based on our unrivaled engineering capabilities and our comprehensive manufacturing solutions,   offering unmatched product quality and best-in-class customer service.  Double E boasts incredible diversity across products and markets and its more than 10,000 long-term customers.  Headquartered in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Double E operates a strategic footprint of manufacturing facilities, by serving as local contacts who are experts in their field.  Our highly trained sales people sell Double E Group's entire product portfolio,  recognizing opportunities when they're on the plant floorand providing custom solutions for their customers most pressing converting and material handling needs. 


When customers need web converting and material handling solutions, they turn to theirtrusted solutions partner for Engineering Excellence: The Double E team of converting experts.