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Appleton Core Cutters

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Appleton provides customers with a full spectrum of core cutters that are legendary in the converting industry for their heavy duty build, dependability, and superior safety. Appleton core cutters utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure every core cut has a precise dimension and a burnished, clean and virtually dust-free “Appleton Cut”.

“The Appleton Cut” Appleton Manufacturing’s proprietary technology sets it aside from any other manufacturer in the industry. Utilizing the specific combination of a fixed knife to slit the core and internally-driven core rotation supported with a carbide pad, which is used to pinch the inner ply of the core between the cutting edge of the knife, allowing for a consistently accurate and clean cut all the way through the core. This technology allowsensures for every core cut on an Appleton core cutter havehas a crisp, clean and virtually dust-free polished cut. It’s what Appleton likes to call “The Magic of the Appleton Cut”.

Appleton Manufacturing’s Core Cutters offer several benefits to slitting a core as opposed to a saw or crush cut:
• Slitting minimizes or even eliminates hazardous core dust and related vacuums dust collection systems to mediate it
• Slitting produces repeatably accurate cut core lengths
• Slitting creates a high quality polished edge - The Appleton Cut
• Slitting dramatically reduces waste

The Right Core Cutting Machine For Your Business Double E Group and Appleton Manufacturing offers a full range of core cutting solutions, including:
• Automatic core cutters
• Manual core cutters
• Semi-automatic core cutters
• Paper core cutter
• Plastic core cutter
• Cardboard core cutter
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