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What to Look for When Hiring a Supplier of Paper Converting Machine Parts

Jan 17, 2024

From slitting and rewinding to custom converting solutions, every paper converting service relies on quality equipment to help your business get the job done. The right machinery can help make your converting process safer and more efficient, which is why it helps to have the right paper converting equipment supplier to help stay on top of the industry.

The problem is that not all converting industry innovators are the same. Ready to find out what you should look for in your paper converting equipment company? Let us walk you through the various features you should look for when evaluating a credible suppliers.

Ergonomic Solutions

Workplace safety is an extremely important in the paper converting industry. Ergonomic solutions can help your business protect employees and make your workplace a better place.

In the 1990s, composite technologies were introduced to the converting industry, specifically carbon fiber shafts. Carbon fiber is approximately a third of the weight of steel while offering multiple degrees of stiffness. These lightweight components are ideal for high-speed and industrial applications and make them significantly easier to lift.

The combination of excellent converting performance and lightweight components makes ergonomic solutions an excellent choice for converters. As such, your supplier should be able to offer solutions that will keep your business productive and help reduce workplace injuries and issues with OSHA.

Solutions that Reduce Waste and Save Time

Waste management is another problem that a credible equipment supplier can help your business solve. Paper waste can quickly and easily increase costs and hurt profitability, but the right components can help limit this issue.

High-quality core chucks are one waste management option that can help you get down to the last scrap of paper on any roll. You can use the same roll of paper or core corrugator more than once. If you use a paper receiving or splitting operation, you can reuse the core more often, which saves you money because you won't have to replace these components.

Wasted time is another notable issue. Battery-operated roll movers help you cut down on labor or overhead costs. For example, Schlumpf has a pneumatic or hydraulic pushing system that pushes the roll onto the machinery so that your team doesn't have to do it manually. This solution makes it so that you need fewer hands on deck to perform this operation. Operators can also adjust the height up and down and program it, making the paper-converting processes even simpler.

An Extensive and Compliant Line of Core and Safety Chucks

Anyone in the paper converting industry knows all too well how essential core chucks are to your business. When you have an extensive line of core chucks at your disposal, they provide an expansive range of options to meet every need.

The right company will stay up to date on the most advanced and efficient paper converting technology. Good suppliers will allow you to select from a line of new and custom core chucks that can be easily integrated into your existing production process and customized to your specific application.

A good supply partner should also ensure that every detail is accounted for – from sizing down to the amount of thread required for safe operation. When it comes time for production, our customers can focus on making their product rather than worrying about whether their equipment is suitable for use.

Another benefit of quality core chucks is less downtime due to machine failure and more growth opportunities. Look for suppliers that carry options like safety chucks that have been rigorously tested against ANSI B11 specifications and meet OSHA 1910 regulations so that users can confidently rely on its performance without compromising any other aspects of their operation.

Comprehensive Equipment Solutions

Sometimes standard parts just aren’t enough for your business. It’s important to find an equipment supplier that can provide more common equipment along with more innovative solutions or unique variations. Whether you need replacement parts or other equipment for corrugated machines, roll-to-roll manufacturing, or something else, try and find a partner that offers a comprehensive product line that includes more than just what you need now – it might not be too long before you’ll need something else.

Short Lead Times and Durability Regarding Paper Converting Machine Replacement Parts

A good supplier offers more than just core chucks, shafts, and cutters. They also offer durable replacement parts resulting in:

  • Lower spares costs
  • Reduced replacement frequency
  • Improved inventory management

Traditional sources for replacement parts aren’t always the best because of the complex specifications that paper converting companies require to support large equipment. Older equipment can also be left unsupported, especially if your company has faced many acquisitions over the years. Simply put, the quicker you can get supplies, the better.

Whenever you’re evaluating a supplier, you should inquire about their lead times. Find out how long it typically takes to receive various parts and what the company will do to ensure you have the equipment you need. If you find a supplier that can limit turnaround times and supply durable replacement parts, that’s a partner that can save you from a lot of downtime and headaches.

Double E Is a Credible Partner to the Paper Converting Industry

Your industry requires accuracy and precision. After all, the paper-converting sector is responsible for producing many products that the world needs. With paper conversion being so high-in-demand, you need high-quality, customized parts.

Double E strives to be more than just another supplier. We aim to be a partner that understands your unique challenges and works to find a solution tailored around your exact needs. Browse our products to find the converting equipment your company needs, and contact Double E today to talk to us about how we support your paper-converting machines.