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“Extreme” Core Chuck Provides Unprecedented Structural and Load Bearing Capacity

Nov 4, 2014

The Double E Company has introduced the Extreme DF-2000 shaftless core chuck. This chuck provides unprecedented structural and load bearing capacity, carrying roll weights in excess of 14,000 lbs. Double E engineered the chuck for corrugating plants, paper mills, and other web converters that have been struggling with gripping problems associated with inferior core quality. As web speeds and roll weights have been increasing, core quality has been decreasing. These two factors have led to core slipping and tear-out, causing machine downtime and wasted web material.

A core chuck’s load capacity is determined by the outside diameter of the center cam / carrying beam at the base of the chuck. At 2.585 inches (65.7 mm), the DF-2000 Extreme center cam diameter is the largest and most durable center cam / carrying beam available to corrugators and paper converters today. The DF-2000 Extreme yields the highest safety factor and greatest torque capacity of any torque-activated core chuck. Its torque capacity rating is 13,750 inch-lbs. (1554 Nm), far higher than competing core chucks.

The DF-2000 Extreme features expansion jaws with the largest “contact patch” or “touch” on the inside surface of a core. This larger contact area (where the chuck’s gripping jaws grip the inner diameter of the core) reduces contact stress by spreading the load (roll weight) over a larger and longer area. The dispersion of the roll weight provides resistance to core tear out, slippage, and burn out. The corer chuck’s jaws also have an unparalleled expansion range which allow the chuck to be effective even when cores are oversized or inconsistently sized. As an example, a nominal 100mm chuck can expand out to 4.26″ (108.2mm).

Double E’s DF-2000 Extreme chuck has other benefits as well. It features nickel plated parts for the best possible corrosion resistance. The company stocks all Extreme parts for immediate delivery, and offers a fully comprehensive warranty period of three years on the chuck.

Double E invented and sold the world’s first torque activated core chuck in 1968. The company’s DF-2000 chucks are standard equipment on most corrugating and paper sheeting roll stands globally. They are well-known for their simple, yet ingenious, design which uses six internal rollers on a central cam to lift and center the roll for processing. This lifting action minimizes roll bounce and vibration. The chuck is fully effective in light or heavyweight operating environments. It uses smooth gripping jaws to grip cores so that cores can be reused and material can be run down to the last wrap.

About the Double E Company:
The Double E Company engineers and manufactures a complete line of advanced web handling accessories including core chucks, core shafts, rollers, core cutters, and roll stands. The company services customers ranging from corrugated board producers and paper mills to high-speed printers and flexible packaging plants. The company has manufacturing and engineering in the US and Italy. Direct sales offices are located in England, France, Germany, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Colombia, along with a complementary worldwide network of sales agents. Double E is focused on providing exceptional service and unparalleled product quality. It is an Incline Equity Partners portfolio company.