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Large Diameter Reel Spool Shafts Improve Productivity for Latin American Tissue Plant

Sep 30, 2014

Tissue producers around the world continue to adopt Double E's HCRS carbon fiber based reel spool shafts as a means to run their lines faster, and with heavier roll weights. Double E recently manufactured four large diameter expanding shafts, with lengths exceeding 30 feet, for a tissue mill in Latin America. Double E employees made the reel spools in the company's headquarters in West Bridgewater, MA, USA. 

The company's exclusive carbon fiber technology allows its reel spools to weigh far less than traditional steel reel spools, so tissue mills can run larger rolls without changing hoisting equipment and without changing core diameters. Double E developed the hyrid design (carbon fiber base with shrouded aluminum exterior to house the expanding strips) to offer improved performance at a price similar to what standard steel spools might cost.

Double E also offers non-expanding carbon fiber reel spools. These carbon fiber reel spools can be coated or covered just like steel spools.

About the Double E Company:
The Double E Company engineers and manufactures a complete line of advanced web handling accessories including core chucks, core shafts, rollers, core cutters, and roll stands. The company services customers ranging from corrugated board producers and paper mills to high-speed printers and flexible packaging plants. The company has manufacturing and engineering in the US and Italy. Direct sales offices are located in England, France, Germany, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Colombia, along with a complementary worldwide network of sales agents. Double E is focused on providing exceptional service and unparalleled product quality. It is an Incline Equity Partners portfolio company.