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Carbon Fiber Reel Spools Provide Tissue Mills with Substantial Energy Savings

Jan 14, 2015

The Double E Company is proud to announce the release of a new Carbon Reel Spool (CRS) to its line of energy efficient products for tissue and paper towel production. The company has applied its expertise in lightweight shaft making technology to help tissue mills further minimize energy consumption. The CCRS (Coreless Carbon Reel Spool) is a rubber coated non-expanding carbon fiber reel spool designed to wind tissue and paper towel directly onto the spool.  The CCRS complements Double E’s industry leading HCRS carbon fiber reel spool which has pneumatic gripping strips shrouded in an aluminum housing for cored applications. Both models mimic traditional steel spools, and are easy drop-in replacements. They provide high structural integrity, similar load carrying capacity, and long life. With the CCRS and HCRS, Double E now offers solutions for both cored and coreless applications.

The CCRS and HCRS reel spools are both made with a lightweight, low-inertia carbon fiber body which equals or exceeds the strength and stiffness of steel, at a fraction of the weight. Mark Peretti, Vice President of Engineering at Double E, said, “Plants looking to conserve energy will find that the power needed to drive a carbon fiber reel spool is about 25% of what is needed for steel.” He explained that the total energy savings for a typical tissue winding application, which includes both a lighter carbon reel spool and the wound tissue material, would deliver a minimum of 6.7% energy savings. In addition to consuming less power, the lighter housing material often allows more tissue and paper towel to be wound on the same reel spool, without having to add more hoisting capabilities or structural machine support (because the shaft itself is so much lighter). Higher critical speeds with reduced vibration are also key benefits for both Double E carbon reel spools, whether they are expanding or non-expanding. For more information, please contact the Double E Company. Website:   Telephone: (508)588-8099   email:

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