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  • Roll Stands and Processing Modules

    a variety of Double Es converting and processing equipment
    At Double E, we pride ourselves in offering our clients a complete range of converting and processing equipment. Our line of roll stands and processing modules includes customizable roll stands, nip / pull roll stations, slitting stations, and even material accumulators. All our roll stands and processing modules are geared to easily and efficiently upgrade and expand your current converting line capabilities.

    We guarantee that all our converting stations, whether they be drop-in, bolt-on or stand alone units, all incorporate the highest quality core shafts, rollers, safety chucks, brakes, and knife holders from Double E and Mario Cotta.

    Double E is structured to exceed customer expectations. If you are in need of high-quality nip stations to facilitate material feeding and improve material tension control, or rewind stands for efficiently rewinding web material after web processing–Double E has the experience and expertise to design and build exactly what is needed to meet your unique operating specifications.

    Backed by more than 50 years of experience, Double E is a solutions provider. Contact us to learn how Double E products can improve your business