• Latching core chuck from Double E Company; model LC-1000
LC-1000 Latching Roller Core Chucks

Quick & easy roll changes without tools, air, or keys. Ideal for lightweight winding appliactions.

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LC-1000 Latching Roller Core Chuck - Important Characteristics

Quick & easy roll changes without tools, air, or keys. Ideal for lightweight winding appliactions.

  • Works in either direction of rotation.
  • Eliminates operator unfriendly & unsafe, tapered (knock-in type) cones & wedges.
  • Stopping flange assures consistently accurate & reliable web alignment.
  • Simple clamping collar allows for easy installation & repositioning.
  • Durable urethane rollers provide non-slip engagement on any core material without core damage.
  • Always releases – will not jam in core.
LC-1000 Latching Roller Chuck Components

Double E Company latching roller chuck for narrow web winding - components.

  1. Custom manufacturing allows various bore sizes.
  2. Close tolerance fit, anodized aluminum end cap for roll stabilization.
  3. Heavy-duty roller cages keep rollers in alignment.
  4. Proprietary reinforced urethane rollers provide superior grip and excellent wear characteristics.
  5. Patented hex design forces rollers to grip cores concentrically – detents cause latching action.
  6. Split flange for more holding power and easy attachment.


LC-1000 Narrow Web Core Chuck - Ideal for Various Unwind or Rewind Applications

Double E LC-1000 latching roller chuck. 

Perfect for narrow web converting and packaging applications including:

  • Form, Fill, & Seal Packaging
  • Window Patching Envelopes
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Food Packaging
  • Tag, Tape, or Label Processing
  • Film & Foil Laminating
  • Coating
Possible Mounting Configurations

Double E LC-1000 latching roller chuck mounted in cantilevered application. Cantilevered spindle mount with flange
Double E LC-1000 latching roller chuck mounted in vertical position. Vertical spindle mount without flange
Double E LC-1000 latching roller chuck mounted in through-shaft applicaton. Through shaft mount with flange and idler
Double E LC-1000 latching roller chuck mounted in center-mount configuration. Through shaft center mount without flange
LC-1000 Synopsis

After the roll of material (or empty core when rewinding) is placed on the chuck, a slight rotation locks the core in place without the need for air, keys, or special tools. The chuck continually grips the core in response to the torque being transmitted – more torque means higher grip force. A simple turn of the roll in the non-web direction unlatches the chuck for easy removal of the core (or completed roll when rewinding). 

The patented design of the chuck's central hex features detents, or small grooves, which cause the latching action, and ensure concentric expansion. Rolls don’t bounce, making it easier to control web tension and quality. The LC–1000 does not depend on a bladder to force the gripping elements to grip the core. Bladders are often maintenance intensive, and don’t have the ability to provide true concentric expansion. 

Because the chuck has a minimal number of moving parts, the LC-1000 latching roller core chuck requires very little, if any, maintenance. The durable urethane rollers provide non-slip engagement of any core material without causing core damage. Unlike the knock-in cones or wedges that the LC–1000 often replaces, this chuck is virtually impossible to get stuck in a core. Roll changes are much faster with this core chuck. A simple turn removes the roll with the LC–1000. With cones, at least one has to be physically removed to unload the roll, wasting valuable time. Narrow web converting and packaging processes benefit most from the LC-1000 core chuck.

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