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“Expando” Bottom Anvil with “Expandette” Removable Bottom Knife

The patented “Expando” bottom anvil and “Expandette” cutting ring allows fast, easy replacement of the cutting edge without removing the shaft from the machine.

Shear slitting “Expando” bottom anvil and “Expandette” cutting ring minimizes maintenance time

Product Information

"Expandette" Removable Bottom Knife

The "Expandette" cutting ring uses a patented design to allow easy change of the cutting ring without removing the anvil from the shaft.

The ring makes it possible to keep the cutting edge sharp and in good condition, without the time consuming aggravation of removing the shaft and anvils, replacing the shaft, and then resetting the sharpened anvils in their proper location. With the Expandette, everything stays in place except the cutting ring, which can be changed quickly.

Sharpening of the cutting knife is no longer required. Once both sides of the cutting ring have been used, it can be easily replaced with a new ring which significantly reduces maintenance down-time.

"Expando" Bottom Anvil - Sizes

Exterior Diameters: Min 110 mm – Max 360 mm

Interior Diameters: Min 85 mm – Max 300 mm

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