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  • Brakes / Brake Pads

    Never worry about fit again when you use Double E’s state-of-the-art pneumatic brakes and brake pads. All brakes supplied by Double E easily retrofit into virtually any unwind stand, making them the ideal choice for a variety of converting applications, including corrugators, paper sheeters, and more.

    Our easy-to-change proprietary brake pad formulation guarantees high performance, superior pad life, optimal air flow for heat suppression, low dust and low noise. If you’re looking for long-lasting, field-proven brake or brake pads, look no further than Double E.

    Double E brake rotors are designed with a bi-directional design that increases airflow through the brake, even at slow speeds. This airflow allows the brake to dissipate heat more efficiently than other disc brakes. Other benefits of Double E brakes and brake pads include:

    • Optimal brake ventilation
    • Built-in fan for heat dissipation
    • Customizable tension control through Double E brake’s modular caliper design
    • Standard rollstand-specific models exist for Langston, Martin, and other common unwind stands
    • Anti-vibration ring helps lower brake noise
    • Superior performance that lasts

    Contact us today to learn more about how Double E’s brakes and brake pads can help improve your converting lines.