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  • Core Shafts

    Two different types of Double E high-quality core shafts
    Whether you are looking to reduce core slippage, minimize abrasion and corrosion, address roll bounce and vibration or improve grip, Double E offers an exceptional range of customizable core shafts that will get the job done.
    We also carry ShaftSafe®, an air pressure monitoring system that actively monitors critical air pressure in Double E and Convertech air shafts and bladder chucks. Our ShaftSafe® system guarantees consistently accurate and repeatable inflations to increase safety and productivity on all your production lines.

    In 1986, Double E revolutionized shaft making with the introduction of the Dura-Light® Composite Core Shaft. Since then, we have continued to deliver exceptional quality shafts and winding accessories that limit downtime and maximize productivity.
    For a trusted manufacturer and supplier of core shafts, shaft handlers, and shaft accessories, Double E is the only choice.
    Contact us to learn how Double E products can improve your business.