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DF-1000 Torque-Activated Chucking System

Important Characteristics

Quick & easy roll changes without tools, air, or keys for three-inch core applications. Ideally suited for Goss Community presses.

Double E DF-1000 core chuck system slides easily out of cores and into rolls for quick roll changes.
  • Quick & easy 30 second roll changeovers with no tools.
  • Automatic activation – no need for air or operator intervention.
  • Easily adjustable for changes in web width.
  • Eliminates labor intensive and unsafe tapered cones or wedges.

Product Information

DF-1000 Core Chuck System Components

  1. Simple, strong clamping system for easy adjustment of core chuck.
  2. Smooth jaws grip tighter as more torque is applied without damaging cores
  3. Heavy–duty springs keep jaws in position and allow for expansion.
  4. Carbon fiber through shaft (recommended) supports heavy loads while keeping weight to a minimum; metal sleeve protect5 carbon fiber from abrasion.
  5. Retractable roll collar keeps roll in position; retractable fingers facilitate roll changes – simply slide a piece of core over the fingers then pull the assembly out of the roll.
  6. Collar’s fastening system allows quick and easy repositioning to fit various web widths

DF-1000 Synopsis

The Double E Group's DF–1000 “Quick–Change” Core Chuck Assembly replaces outdated, heavy, or labor intensive chucking systems. It replaces knock-in cones or wedges, manually operated chucks, and heavy through shafts.

The DF–1000 is a torque activated core chuck which engages automatically when the roll starts to turn. As more torque is applied, the chuck grips harder – there is no need for operator adjustment. The chuck works the same way in either direction of rotation, and does not require any air to function.

The DF–1000 is easy to use – just slide the assembly into the core. That’s it. And when the roll has expired, just slide a piece of core over the collar to retract the fingers, then slide the whole unit out of the roll. No tools are needed to change rolls.

Inside the chuck, six precision-ground solid steel rollers travel up and down cams on the central hex and the backs of the jaws. This rolling action causes the jaws to expand in order to grip the core. The rollers drastically reduce friction inside the chuck, minimizing wear on the internal components. Consequently, the DF–1000 requires very little, if any, maintenance.

The jaws are designed to grip the core without damaging it. They are held in place by two heavy-duty springs which also aid in jaw retraction. Reliable jaw retraction means the chuck never gets stuck in cores like cones or wedges often do. The chuck’s performance is enhanced by a unique roll collar which supports the roll at the end opposite the chuck. Once the assembly is inserted into a roll, the collar’s retractable fingers snap into place to keep the roll in position and properly aligned. These fingers are designed to retract easily when a small piece of core is pushed over them. Once the fingers are retracted, the assembly slides out effortlessly, ready for the next roll.

The roll collar and chuck can be mounted onto your existing through shaft, but for high strength and light weight, nothing compares to a Double E Group Dura–Light carbon fiber through shaft.

The chucking system is a perfect addition to Goss Community presses and other newspaper printing presses.



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