Case Studies

Double E is a solutions provider. The company engineers and applies its products with over 40 years of industry experience behind it, generating thousands of success stories. Please find a few examples of how Double E has helped customers below.

Corrugating Plant Overcomes Problems Associated with Core Quality with Double E’s EHDL Core Chuck

Double E's DF-2000 core chuck is used by the large majority of corrugators throughout the USA, and in fact, all over the world. It has been the industry standard for over three decades.

Recently, some corrugating plants have seen a degradation in core quality that has caused the cores to fail, even in normal operating conditions. To overcome the inherent weakness in these cheaper cores, Double E recommends its EHDL (Extra Heavy Duty Long) DF-2000 core chuck. It is a larger and beefier version of the standard chuck, but offers a contact patch area 40% larger. This difference allows the chuck to spread the torque over a greater surface area of the core to ensure normal processing.

An increasingly common story in the corrugating industry is exemplified by one Double E customer in Massachusetts. The maintenance manager at this particular plant was suddenly plagued by core tear-out problems after years of care-free operation. Slipping was making it impossible to run rolls to the last wrap, forcing slower machine speeds, and even leading to reduced board quality. The plant was losing money on wasted material and on wasted time. Thinking the problem was being caused by the Double E DF-2000 chucks that were installed on all of his machines, he called Double E to complain.

Double E worked with the customer to determine that the chucks were functioning properly. They had been working for over six years and were still in perfect mechanical condition. They hadn't changed, but something was wrong. Double E engineers tested the cores being used at the plant and found that they were thinner than usual and that they frayed easily. As it turned out, the core supplier had changed their process to reduce costs. The cores were thinner and did not meet the specifications necessary for normal processing. The core manufacturer wasn't going back to the old way, and more and more suppliers are following suit.

This corrugator, like many others, had to deal with this new reality of inferior core quality. Double E proposed its EHDL chuck. Its larger gripping jaws grip more of the core to minimize the chance of slipping. The customer purchased a pair of the larger chucks as a test, and saw the problem end immediately. They subsequently upgraded all of their roll stands, and have now returned to the care-free operation that they enjoyed previously.

If you're having problems with core tear out, you are not alone. Double E's Extra Heavy Duty Long DF-2000 core chuckcan help. Please contact the Double E Company for more information.