Case Studies

Double E is a solutions provider. The company engineers and applies its products with over 40 years of industry experience behind it, generating thousands of success stories. Please find a few examples of how Double E has helped customers below.

Digital Printer Adds Center Cut Slitting Digital Press

Double E recently helped one of the world's largest commercial printing companies meet a new slitting requirement for one of its clients. The printer uses a Xeikon digital web press for special projects that run an 80 Ib., 20" wide web material at a speed of 40 feet per minute. The press did not have any slitting capabilities, but the new project required the material to be slit into two 9.5" sections. This production technique would be more efficient and cost effective, but they were having problems making the center cut. Double E recommended a shear center cut system to solve the problem.

Double E engineered a custom stand-alone center cut station that would fit between the printing and rewind sections of the Xeikon digital press. Since there was a very small space to work in (only 20" in length), this proved to be quite a challenge. However, Double E was able to create a completely customized stand that was compact enough to fit between the machine's two sections, while also matcing the web's height so that there would be no need to make adjustments to the Xeikon digital press. This station featured a Mario Cotta "Tiny" shear cut pneumatic holder to provide a high quality cut, with the added benefit of a long blade life. Integrating the new slitting station was not difficult for the customer – an air line for the pneumatic holder, power for the Siemens motor, and a speed reference signal that would regulate the speed were the only connectinos needed.

The customer is pleased with the results of the slitting station. The stand fit perfectly within their Xeikon machine and the basic plug-and-play delivery minimized down time. Once all of power, air, and signal lines were connected, the slitter worked with great efficiency to provide a high quality cut to the web material. When the slitter wasn't needed, the web would simply run smoothly through the station without disrupting the line speed and tension. The customer also ordered a duplicate slitting station for the same type of machine at one of their other facilities.