Case Studies

Double E is a solutions provider. The company engineers and applies its products with over 40 years of industry experience behind it, generating thousands of success stories. Please find a few examples of how Double E has helped customers below.

Label Supplier Upgrades to New Slitting System with Removable Digital Readout

One of the largest pressure-sensitive roll label suppliers in the country approached Double E with concerns about the slitting section on one of their production lines. They were not happy with the setup of their current holders and the quality of the cut the slitters were producing. The customer uses a doctor machine for line inspections that utilizes a series of Mario Cotta "Gold" series knife holders. They were so impressed with the ease of use and quality of the holders that they asked Double E to develop a simi¬lar system for their production line machine.

Double E went to work designing a slitting system that would easily bolt onto the existing machine. All twenty of the old holders were replaced with new "Gold" series holders attached to a new support beam. This much more robust support beam features a rack and pinion rail system allowing the operator to adjust the knife position more easily and accurately.

On the anvil side, the customer required a digital readout to position their anvils. Unfortunately, due to the excessive adhesive buildup, they needed to be able to move the digital readout system out of the way to clean the anvils. To alleviate this problem, Double E engineered a digital readout system on a linear rail that is pneumatically actuated so that the machine operator could move the system out of the way during maintenance and cleaning. Installation of the new system went smoothly once all of the components were delivered to the customer. The complete modification of the machine including disassembly of the old parts and fitting the new knife holder system and digital readout system took less than a business day.

Once the knives were adjusted and calibrated, the production line was ready to run at full capacity. The customer has since expressed how pleased they are with the new modifications to their slitting machine. The ease of use along with the added safety has given the customer true piece of mind knowing that their product is at the highest possible quality and their operators are safe during routine maintenance.