Lightweight, large-diameter core plugs for the tissue industry - model Double E CP-1000

Core Plugs

CP-1000 Core Plugs

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One-piece, large-diameter, lightweight core inserts for holding tissue or nonwovens jumbo rolls for converting.

Core plugs / core inserts for tissue converting

Double E CP-1000 Core Plugs are the perfect addition to demanding tissue lines. The CP-1000 Core Plug can be made in any size for your tissue converting needs and is chamfered and ribbed allowing easier insertion into damaged or imperfect cores. Designed for optimum strength, the CP-1000 Core Plug is perfect for applications in the tissue industry where ever-increasing roll weights demand a reliable and high-strength core insert.  

  • Simple, lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Safe and easy handling by a single operator
  • Ergonomic yet robust
  • Available for any core size
CP-1000 Core Plugs

Double E Company CP-1000 core plugs for the tissue industry.

Built on an economical and time-proven design, the Double E CP-1000 Core Plug features a patented one-piece design. Constructed from a heat-treated steel body, carbon fiber carrier beam, and U.H.M.W. polymer journal it is a safe, quick and performnace-enhancing addition to any tissue line.

The CP-1000's welded-rib design reduces weight while not sacrificing strength. This combined with its chamfered end allows for an operator to safely and easily insert it into imperfect or damaged cores. It is perfect for demanding tissue line operations and built for long term use. Strong, simple and easy-to-use, the CP-1000 is the perfect choice to increase your tissue application's safety and efficiency.

  • Easy-handling, single-step insertion
  • Lighter than most existing core plugs
  • Rugged, high-strength solution
  • Most economical Double E core plug
  • Available for all tissue core sizes
  • Constructed with high-quality components

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