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ShaftSafe® is the industry’s first real time air pressure monitoring system for Double E and Convertech air shafts and bladder chucks.

Engineered specifically for the converting industry, ShaftSafe® allows operation and production personnel to monitor critical air pressure for every shaft or bladder chuck on a production line.

ShaftSafe® guarantees consistently accurate and repeatable inflations to increase safety and productivity on all your production lines.

ShaftSafe® monitors inflation and will immediately alert production personnel to any pressure loss or slow leaks that indicate that equipment requires maintenance. This allows for planned downtime and preventive maintenance.

ShaftSafe®: Actively Monitor Critical Air Pressure in Air Shafts and Bladder Chucks
  • End Core Slippage Forever
  • Reduce Costly Waste
  • Increase Safety
  • Comprehensive Analytics

  • Real time monitoring of air inflation, deflation and operating pressures
  • Double E and Convertech air shafts and bladder chucks come ShaftSafe®-ready
  • Audible and Visual alarms alert operator to pressure changes and leaks
  • User-determined minimum and maximum pressure alarm levels
  • Simple user interface on full-color touch screen
  • System integration-ready
  • Bluetooth® technology with Apple® and Android® phone integration
  • Retrofittable to your existing Double E air shafts

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