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Easy drop-in modules to upgrade old slitting equipment or to add slitting to an existing converting process.

Slitting sections in standard or fully customized configurations.

Retrofit slitting module with Mario Cotta Platinum model knife holders

Double E engineers can meet individual requirements for virutally any converting process in need of a slitting upgrade or addition. 


All modules feature high quality Mario Cotta knife holders


"Tiny" (Type 1) - Show in image above, top

"Gold" (Type 2) - Shown in image above, bottom

"Platinum" (Type 3) - Shown in image here, to left


Countless configurations and options are possible.

"Lynx" Digital Positioning

Instead of using a tape measure to adjust slitter knife positions, the "Lynx" digital positioning system can be added to slitting modules as an optional upgrade.

Digitally assisted slitter positioning system from the Double E Company - Lynx model

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